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Jianbin Yan Lab


  闫建斌,研究员,博导,农科院青年英才。2010年博士毕业于清华大学,2010-2018期间先后在清华大学和美国麻省理工学院从事植物分子生物学与合成生物学研究。他长期从事植物激素茉莉素与植物次生代谢调控研究。在Plant Cell,Mol Plant,Plant J,Nature等杂志发表论文20余篇,多篇论文获得专评、入选Faculty 1000或入选ESI高被引论文。



  2018.3–至今       中国农业科学院深圳农业基因组研究所                  研究员     

  2013.10-2018.3    清华大学                                                           助理研究员&副研究员    

  2010.8-2013.9      清华大学/美国麻省理工学院                              博士后/访问学者      



  2006.8-2010.8                清华大学                              博士        

  2003.8-2006.8                南京大学                              硕士          

  1999.8-2002.8                西北大学                              本科      






  Jianbin Yan, Principle Investigator, Doctoral Advisor, “Outstanding Young Talent” of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS). He mainly focuses on exploring plant hormones and secondary metabolic regulation. He has published more than 20 papers in Plant Cell , Molecular Plant , Plant Journal , Nature , etc. Some of his papers have been selected to Faculty 1000 or ESI Highly Cited Papers.


  Working Experience

  2018.3–Present     Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen-CAAS                      Professor 

  2013.10–2018.3    Tsinghua University                                                                        Assistant & Associate Professor 

  2010.8–2013.9      Tsinghua University/Massachusetts Institute of Technology         Visiting Scholar,Postdoctoral Fellow 


  Education Experience

  2006.8–2010.8               Tsinghua University                      Ph.D                  

  2003.8–2006.8               Nanjing University                       Master               

  1998.8–2002.8               Northwest University                    Bachelor     


  Research Interest

  Plant secondary metabolites have a variety of biological activities, being widely used in multiple fields including medicine, agriculture, food, and ecology. Phytohormone jasmonate is responsible for the regulation of defense response by an accumulation of secondary metabolites. Our team comprehensively uses synthetic biology, multi-omics big data, molecular biology, chemical biology and genetics to elucidate regulatory mechanisms of jasmonate signaling pathway to plant secondary metabolism. The study is closely related to crop quality identification, artificial design of plant metabolism, and explore novel breeding strategies.


  Major Achievements

  The perception of plant hormones, as the first step in plant hormone signaling, is a major scientific issue in the field of plant hormone research. The jasmonate perception is a major scientific issue in the field of phytohormone. Based on their previous studies (Plant Cell, 21:2220; Plant Journal, 92: 736; Plant cell, 25: 486), in 2018, Jianbin and his collaborators further revealed the dynamic process that COI1 recognizes jasmonate to form a binary complex, and subsequently froms a ternary complex in combination with the substrate JAZ proteins (Mol Plant, 11:1237).


  Selected Publication

       1.Xiong X#, Gou J#, Liao Q#, Li Y#, Zhou Q, Bi G, Li C, Du R, Wang X, Sun T, Guo L, Liang H, Lu P, Wu Y, Zhang Z, Ro D-K, Shang Y, Huang S*, Yan J* (2021) The Taxus genome provides insights into paclitaxel biosynthesis. Nature Plants, doi: 10.1038/s41477-021-00963-5.(中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      2.Du R#, Li C#, Pan P, Lin C S K, Yan J* (2021) Characterization and evaluation of a natural derived bacterial consortium for efficient lignocellulos, Bioresource Technology, 329: 124909. (中科院分区工程技术1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      3.Li C#, Ong K L, Cui Z, Sang Z, Li X, Patria R D, Qi Q, Fickers P, Yan J*, Lin C* (2021) Promising advancement in fermentative succinic acid production by yeast hosts. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 401: 123414. (中科院分区环境科学与生态学1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      4.Yang X#Yan J#, Zhang Z#, Lin T, Xin T, Wang B, Wang S, Zhao J, Zhang Z, Lucas W, Li G, Huang S* (2020) Regulation of plant architecture by a novel histone acetyltransferase targeting gene bodies, Nature Plants, 6(7): 809-822. (中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      5.Yang M#, Yan C#, Griffith M, Zhao J, Zhang Y, Xie D, Yan J* (2020) Arabidopsis EED1 encoding a plant-specific nuclear protein is essential for early embryogenesis, Journal of Genetics and Genomics, 47(1): 61-64. (中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      6.Liao Q#, Du R#, Gou J, Guo L, Shen H, Liu H, Nguyen J, Ray M, Yin T, Huang S, Yan J* (2020) The genomic architecture of sex determining region and sex-related metabolic variation in Ginkgo biloba. Plant Journal, 104(5): 1399-1409.(中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      7.Yan J#, Yao R#, Chen L, Li S, Gu M, Nan F, Xie D* (2018) Dynamic perception of jasmonates by the F-box protein COI1, Molecular Plant, 11(10): 1237-1247. (中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区,入选《2018年中国植物科学若干领域重要研究进展》)

      8.Li H#, Yao R#, Ma S#, Hu S, Li S, Wang Y, Yan C, Xie D*, Yan J* (2017) Efficient ASK-assisted system for expression and purification of plant F-box proteins, Plant Journal, 92(4): 736-743. (中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      9.Yan J*#, Li S#, Gu M#, Yao R, Li Y, Chen J, Yang M, Tong J, Xiao L, Nan F*, Xie D*(2016) Endogenous bioactive jasmonate is composed of a set of (+)-7-iso-JA-amino acid conjugates. Plant Physiology, 172(4): 2154-2164. (中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区,入选《2016年中国植物科学若干领域重要研究进展》)

      10.Yao R#, Ming Z#, Yan L#, Li S#, Wang F, Ma S, Yu C, Yang M, Chen L, Chen L, Li Y, Yan C, Miao D, Sun Z, Yan J, Sun Y, Wang L, Chu J, Fan S, He W, Deng H, Nan F, Li J, Rao Z*, Lou Z*, Xie D* (2016) DWARF14 is a non-canonical hormone receptor for strigolactone. Nature, 536(7617): 469-473. (中科院分区综合性期刊1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      11.Li S#, Chen L#, Li Y, Yao R, Wang F, Yang M, Gu M, Nan F*, Xie D*, Yan J* (2016) Effect of GR24 stereoisomers on plant development in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant, 9(10): 1432-1435. (中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区)

      12.Yan J#, Li H#, Li S, Yao R, Deng H, Xie Q, Xie D* (2013) The Arabidopsis F-Box protein CORONATINE INSENSITIVE1 is stabilized by SCFCOI1 and degraded via the 26S proteasome pathway. Plant Cell, 25(2): 486-498.(中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区,入选Faculty 1000)

      13.Yan J#, Zhang C#, Gu M, Bai Z, Zhang W, Qi T, Cheng Z, Peng W, Luo H, Nan F*, Wang Z*, Xie D* (2009) The Arabidopsis CORONATINE INSENSITIVE1 protein is a jasmonate receptor. Plant Cell, 21(8): 2220-2236. (中科院分区生物学1区Top,JCR分区1区,入选Faculty 1000)