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About AGIS

The Agricultural Genome Institute at Shenzhen (AGIS) was launched jointly with the Shenzhen government in 2014, under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, with support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Shenzhen Government. AGIS is dedicated to understanding and harnessing the genomes that are critical to global agricultural production, by integrating biology and big data science. In this regard, AGIS is currently employing six major research and development platforms, namely Bioinformatics and Omics Technologies, Synthetic Biology in Agriculture and Food, Plant Genomics and Crop Breeding, Animal Genomics and Livestock Breeding, Environmental and Ecological Genomics, and Big Data in Food and Nutrition. The long-term mission of AGIS is to make disruptive innovation to promote the sustainable development of global agriculture, to serve the personalized food supply system, and to improve human health and the social status of farmers.

About Environmental and Ecological Genomics Department

Environmental and Ecological Genomics Department is one of the six departments in AGIS. Through application of multi-omics technologies, the Ecological Genomics Center focuses on studying the genomic basis of harmfulness and invasiveness of major agriculture pests and pathogens, and the molecular mechanism of pest-host and pathogen-host interactions. Research at the Center is designed to identify molecular targets for sustainable pest and pathogen control, as well as inheritable resistance-related genetic elements in crop genomes. Besides, the center also pays attention to urban ecology health including treatment and utilization of urban sewage, carbon and nitrogen cycling, etc. Through these efforts, the Center aims to establish integrative warning-monitoring-management systems, and to develop sustainable management methods and products to support national food security and sustainable development of the South China area.

Research Fields

Candidates in the fields listed below but not limited are welcome to apply.

(1) Adaptive evolution mechanism of insects and invasive species based on genomics;
(2) Green prevention and control of plant diseases, pests and invasive species,especially RNA pesticide, etc;

(3) Urban ecology, including treatment and utilization of urban sewage, protection and utilization of urban biodiversity, carbon and nitrogen cycling, ecological environment modeling etc.

Applicants’ Qualifications and Position Requirements

The Environmental and Ecological Genomics Department plan to recruit 3 Chief Scientists, 5 Principal Investigators and 5 Reserve Talents(Pre Principal Investigator).

Candidates should have:

(1) A PhD degree granted by a prestigious university in China or abroad.
High-level academic achievements, invention patents or excellent techniques in related fields.
Applicants for Chief Scientist should possess a tenured associate professor or professor position or equivalent position at other institutes. The applicants at this rank are expected to be distinguished researchers with international recognition and an extraordinary track record in publications and research fundings. In principle, the age of the applicants should be younger than 50.

(2) Applicants for Principal Investigator should be young talented researchers with productivity and creativity supported by his or her research records and research plan. In principle, the age of the applicants should be younger than 40.

(3) Applicants for Reserve Talent(Pre Principal Investigator)should meet one of the following criteria at least: 1) publish 2-3 research papers as the first author or corresponding author in the top 25% of JCR in recent 5 years; 2) publish a research paper with an impact factor no less than 10 as the first author, or publish articles with a cumulative impact factor no less than 20 in recent 5 years; 3) have demonstrated excellent academic quality and development potential during the doctoral period. In principle, the age of the applicants should be younger than 32.

★Special talents are not restricted by the above conditions, and thebenefits shall be implemented on a case-by-case basis.

Institute Benefits

(1) Provide first-class and competitive salary and position subsidy in Shenzhen. Please consult for details.
(2) Sufficient start-up funds: 1.8 million RMB for a Chief Scientist, 1.2 million RMB for a Principal Investigator, 0.45 million RMB for a Reserve Talent(Pre Principal Investigator).
(3) Special post of AGIS with a allowance of 0.72-1.8 million RMB for 3 years.
(4) Independent office and laboratory space with state-of-the-art facilities. Assist obtaining external research funds and prioritize the equipment and personnel necessary to start up the research, etc.

(5)  Other benefits provided by AGIS include insurance and housing funds, supplementary medical insurance, annual physical examination and paid annual leave, etc.

Application materials

Applications should be submitted via email at the address given below (, with the subject line containing the position that is applied for.

An application should include:

Cover letter, which describes a brief research plan and describes how suited the plan is to the position applied for;

Curriculum vitae, which contains a full list of publications and contact information of at least three full professors as referees;

Representative work (no more than 5 pieces including journal papers, monographs and patents);

Academic Certificates of the highest qualification held or proof of employment.

Contact Information

(1) Miss Pu, +86-13424192860,; Miss Dong, +86-17876563211,
(2) Address: 97 Buxin Road, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.
All personal information provided to AGIS during the application process will be handled with strict confidentiality, and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Welcome to join us!