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Shenzhen International Food Valley

Shenzhen Municipal Government has made Shenzhen International Food Valley Development Plan 202-2035 (the Plan), in order to facilitates scientific and technological innovation and economic development, meet people’s increasing needs for a better life, and provide strong support for the food nutrition and health of 70 million people of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, creating an international pioneer demonstration zone for food nutrition and health.

Contents of the Plan:

Referring to the innovation experience of Dutch Food Valley model “government + university/ research institute + enterprise”, Shenzhen International Food Valley (SIFV) will construct an innovation chain by developing healthy and nutritious food industry, smart safety food industry, and modern food service industry. With support from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences as well as domestic and overseas agricultural food entrepreneurs, SIFV will construct a mutually supporting ecological system with research and development institutions cluster, industries cluster, and talents cluster. SIFV will establish an International Food Valley Alliance, promote efficient communication with Shenzhen Municipal Government.   

SIFV aims at constructing 3 industries clusters, including transforming traditional food industry, developing new food industry, and planning future food industry. With purpose to improve traditional food, optimize food material industry, and manufacture modern food equipment, SIFV will develop over 10 important industry fields, including modern seed industry, new resources and marine food, smart food supply chain, food safety industry, personalized food and precision nutrition, smart agriculture and food, health and nutrition management and counseling, etc. Particularly, SIFV will focus on 5 industry projects, comprising basic R&D innovation, demonstration of pilot projects, construction of shared platform, talent cultivation and training, and branding of international collaboration, etc. SIFV aims to incubate a batch of research institutions and R& D enterprises with high scientific research and development capacity, becoming the hotbed for advanced technology, core product, and emerging industry of global food nutrition filed.   

Spatial Planning:

SIFV aims to construct a new model in which industry and city collaboratively develop, promoting globalization and opening-up, with Dapeng District as core area of innovation, the rest districts of Shenzhen as the expanded regions, and the cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as well as Belt and Road countries as the diffused zone. Additionally, by technology transformation and investment, SIFV plans to construct several industry clusters in supported areas near Shenzhen. SIFV commits to form a “1+N” modern food security system with “one core, two area, and multiple clusters”, which are able to mutually support, facilitate and complement.


SIFV plans to raise RMB 100 billion of investment in future 15 years, receive annual output value of RMB 200 billion, establish 100 universities/ R&D institutes, introduce 100 internationally renowned R&D teams, and attract 100 food enterprises with super R&D capacity, production scale and manufacturing standard. SIFV commits to construct a world-class food technology innovation center and food industry clusters with international reputation. 

The plan of Shenzhen Internatioanl Food Valley Sciences Research pilot area in Baguang area